JannKMusic — 09.07.12, 19:12:58

Cro - Easy | Piano Cover

This is my version of Cro's "Easy". I changed the arrangement, and I like the song way more now ;)
I hope you enjoy it and dont forget to check out my YouTube channel with the videos! ;)

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JannKMusic — 17.06.12, 20:27:45

Jann Karrasch & Max Wichmann - "Drugs and Murder" Theme

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JannKMusic — 22.04.12, 16:21:52

The Fray - How To Save A Life | Full Cover Version

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JannKMusic — 20.04.12, 22:14:34

Caligola - Forgive Forget | Piano Cover

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JannKMusic — 26.03.12, 19:30:35

Jann Karrasch & Max Wichmann - "90 Seconds" Soundtrack

This is my first self-written song, that is uploaded!
I wrote it with my friend Max Wichmann during a film project
called "SchülerFilmStadt" in Flensburg. We made our own
movie with some other guys, and Max and I wrote the soundtrack
for it. I hope that you enjoy the song!
Max Wichmann: http://www.youtube.com/user/Maxmusicflensburg
Max Wichmann Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Max-Music-World/259650230760120

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